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Where to Find Sales Staff

Many small businesses require sales staff at some point to help bring in new business or keep in touch with current customers. The problem is where to find suitable candidates.

First, think of what experience the sales staff need, their level of education, whether you require them on a long term or short term basis, and what salary terms and commissions you can offer. These requirements will affect the choice of recruitment method.

Once you’ve decided on the criteria that the successful candidate must have you can look into the how you find a suitable candidate. In general there are three main options available to you.

Recruitment Agencies

These agencies specialise in matching suitable candidates to specific job roles. They are good at finding high quality candidates who are serious about working in your sector.

However, they tend to be the most expensive method of recruiting, the process is slower than hiring people independently, and they are usually most suited to finding candidates for long term positions.

To fill a short-term and predominantly commission-based sales position recruitment agencies are unlikely to be suitable.


Job advertisements can be placed in local newspapers, specific trade magazines, or online. Local newspapers are ideal for recruiting someone with knowledge of the local area, particularly important if you have a business catering to the local community.

Advertisements in trade magazines are good at targeting people with specialised knowledge of your industry. However, the problem with print advertising is the limited space to specify the requirements of the role. The result can be a lot of inappropriate candidates applying for the position.

Advertising on specific job-related websites can be a low cost way of reaching a broad audience, and is particularly effective if you’re advertising a general sales role. Gumtree is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising a job opportunity, particularly for those businesses based in London.


This is the cheapest way for small businesses to find sales staff. Ask colleagues and associates whether they can recommend someone, and consider introducing an incentive scheme to encourage existing staff and even customers to recommend suitable candidates.

The main problem with networking is that you’re unlikely to have a huge choice of candidates. If time isn’t an issue you could try networking initially before branching out into online or offline advertising if no one suitable is found.

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