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Car, Truck, Ad Van, & Taxi Advertising Costs

There are a number of different forms of vehicle advertising, with widely varying costs and its effectiveness varying depending on the product and type of promotion.

Take a look at each of the option below along with their relative costs to help decide which one, if any, is right for you.

Advertising on Cars

It generally costs £200-£400 per month to advertise on a car, the exact amount depending on the number of cars and the length of the campaign. This tends to work out at around £0.40-£0.55 per thousand impressions for a fully covered car.

Less expensive options are available, varying from semi-covered cars to one-way window graphics. Some companies also offer advertising on non-rotating hub caps.

Advertising on Trucks

Advertising on lorries and trucks usually involves placing an advertising message on the side or back of the truck. Some companies also offer part advertising on the back of a lorry.

The cost of this form of advertising tends to cost around 50% less than traditional outdoor advertising. It’s an effective way of targeting motorway audiences, where billboards are often not allowed.

The only downside is that advertising messages on lorries is a normal occurrence so this form of advertising doesn’t tend to attract the same buzz and as a consequence can be quickly forgotten by consumers.

Advertising on Ad Vans

Ad vans can be used to target motorists but are also very effective when used as a flexible billboard, with the ad van able to be placed in ideal locations, for example to drive visitors to a local event.

Smaller ad bikes can also be hired – these are used to target consumers in pedestrian-only areas.

In terms of the cost, both ad vans and bikes tend to cost in the region of £300 per day, with discounts available for longer term use.

Advertising on Taxis

This is a more traditional form of vehicle advertising. Prices vary depending on the number of taxis advertised, the length of the campaign, and whether the taxis are fully covered.

As an example, a fully covered taxi costs around £4,000 for 12 months and £2,500 for 3 months. To advertise on just the sides of a taxi it costs around £2,500 for 12 months compared to £1,000 for 3 months.

Some taxi advertising agencies also offer extras, such as the ability to provide leaflets advertising your business in the back of taxis. People will often take a look at these during the course of their journey.