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Useful Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising Tools

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Google’s Keyword Tool:
This is one way of obtaining rough estimates of the search history of all keywords. Google provides 12 month historical search trends, the likely level of competition that you’ll face, and the approximate cost of bidding on that keyword.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Research Tool:
The leading keyword research tool, Wordtracker also provides this free tool which helps you to identify which keywords and keyword phrases are commonly. A paid option is also available which includes more long-tail keywords and an estimate of the level of competition that you’ll face for specific keywords.

Keyword Generator:
A clever tool which combines keywords to generate large long-tail keyword lists for your PPC campaign.

Typing Error Generator:
Some important keywords are frequently spelled incorrectly. These keywords can be particularly cost-effective because many people don’t think to bid on misspelled words. The typing error generator will provide you with a range of misspellings for your specified keywords.

Visitor Conversion Calculator:
If your website has been up-and-running for a while you’ll be able to work out your website’s conversion rate. The average is a 2% conversion rate for online goods and 1% for services.

Maximum Cost per Click Calculator:
For a rough guide on the maximum price to spend per click use the PPC calculator. However, remember that this is a rough estimate. Some keywords will be more effective at generating sales so may warrant a higher maximum price per click.

Google Adwords Wrapper:
Entering phrase or exact match keywords into Google Adwords can be very time-consuming. This tool will instantly convert your keyword list into 4 separate lists, including phrase match only and exact match only.

Ad Testing:
Do you have two PPC ads running with different click-through rates? Discover how likely it is that these click-through rates will differ in the long run.

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