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The Growth of Pay per Post

in Blog Marketing

The Concept

The concept of sponsored posts on blogs has emerged as recognition of the powerful collective voice that bloggers have and the effect that they can then exert on people’s opinions.

Therefore companies can now post ‘opportunities’ about which bloggers can write, in return for a small fee. It’s an interesting new way of creating buzz, spreading a message, or even trying to change public opinion about a company.

The concept of sponsored posts is not without controversy. Some bloggers see it as a threat to their viewed impartially, feeling that effectively they could become another marketing tool for large commercial organisations.

The main company in this field, PayPerPost, recognised this problem and has introduced rules whereby bloggers can mention that a sponsored post is in fact ‘sponsored’. This has helped to quell the groundswell of opinion against this form of marketing, and now offers bloggers an excellent way to earn money, and companies a useful tool to help create online buzz about their product.


  • Awareness – it’s a good way to spread a message, particularly if you have some important and interesting news, or are trying to spread awareness of a new idea.
  • Web Site Traffic – sponsored posts can significantly increase traffic as many readers click on the company link to find out more if it sounds interesting.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – many blogs have been around for a while and have a high Google PageRank. Therefore links on these blogs can have excellent search engine optimisation value, with the value of the link alone often being worth more than the cost of the post.
  • Chain Effect – the blogging world is an interactive community, always looking for new and interesting news to write about. Often one blog post will result in a couple more posts as other bloggers mention the idea.


The cost of sponsored posts varies depending on the number of words you wish bloggers to write, along with how interesting the ‘opportunity’ is. Interesting opportunities make it easier for bloggers to write about them and as a result they will be willing to do it for less money.

However, ultimately the amount you are willing to pay per sponsored post is up to you – if you offer too little the worst that will happen is that only a few bloggers will take up the opportunity.

  • Cost per Post: £3 – £10

It’s worth mentioning that sponsored posts are generally not seen as a highly effective way to increase sales, especially as the ability to select a target audience is slightly limited. There is every chance that bloggers who mainly write about other areas may decide to write about your company.

In addition, it’s worth noting that on the vast majority of blogs it is possible to leave comments. Asking bloggers to spread false information is inviting trouble, and even when the information is true some competitors may take the opportunity to make negative comments or promote their business. Therefore always monitor what has been written along with any comments and enter replies where appropriate.

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