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Telemarketing Tips and Advice

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1. Know What You Want
What is the purpose of the call and more importantly, what do you want the recipient to do as a result of this call?

2. Have a Secondary Objective
You won’t always be able to get a firm commitment from the prospective customer so strive to achieve a minimum achievement from each call. This may be obtaining their email address to which you can send further information, or to arrange a secondary call. It’ll also do wonders for your confidence and morale knowing that you’re achieving a positive outcome from many calls.

3. Have a Script
This doesn’t mean that you have to read it. Just have a clear outline of what you plan to say, questions that you can ask to encourage a sale, and how you plan to close the call.

4. The Opening Lines
The first 10-15 seconds of the call are vital. Look to engage the customer with a friendly “Hello, how are you?” Don’t launch straight into a sales pitch. Also, people like to feel unique. – don’t say “I’m just calling people in your area…”.

5. Are You Speaking to the Correct Person?
Check that you are speaking to your target consumer.

6. Listen to the Customer
If during the first couple of sentences the customer indicates that they are not interested in your product, accept this and thank them for their time. Don’t be pushy. The only exception to this rule is if it’s obvious that the customer has misunderstood your product or service.

7. Be Confident
Believe in your product or service. If you don’t believe that the person you are speaking to needs it or can benefit from it then neither will they.

8. Get to the Point
Time is money, both for you and your potential customer. Don’t waffle – be clear, concise and get straight to the point.

9. Ask Questions
Not aimless questions, such as “How’s business?” but questions that illustrate the benefits of your product or service whilst also being problems that they are likely to be experiencing. For example, if you’re a shipping company that can track orders you could ask what they do when they get enquiries from customers about where there goods currently are and when they will arrive.

10. Sound Natural
Have a script but don’t sound like you have one. There’s nothing worse than someone sounding like they are reading from a book.

11. Make Plenty of Calls
This sounds obvious but not wasting time can produce huge benefits – fitting in double the amount of calls in the same space of time can turn an unprofitable telemarketing campaign into a profitable one.

12. See Indecision as a Challenge
During telemarketing you will encounter many indecisive people. These people see a potential benefit in your product but are afraid of risking their money. Turn the scenario around and ask them what would happen if they did nothing about the situation? This turns the perceived risk around, making purchasing your product appear to be risk-reducing.

13. See the Value in Your Product
Indecision often originates from the telemarketer. They don’t feel there are sufficient benefits and begin offering price reductions far too quickly. See the value in your product or service and state the price confidently.

14. Get a Commitment
Don’t be afraid to ask for a commitment. A ‘no’ today is far better than a ‘no’ a few months and many calls later.

15. The Next Step
When sending over information tell the prospect what to look out for. Otherwise they’ll see a couple of brochures and add it to all the other stuff in their office.

Telemarketing is one of the most disliked tasks as voted by small business owners. However, with the right frame of mind it needn’t be. Don’t think of a ‘no’ as rejection – much better that the prospective customers says that now than misleading you only to say no later down the line. Think of it as their loss rather than yours.

Remember that you can always plant a seed for the future, telling the prospect that if they ever encounter a certain problem they should give you a call and you’ll sort it out. It’s amazing how many people think about this after the call and make an order a month or two down the line.

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