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Taxi Advertising – The Most Popular Form of Vehicle Advertising

A more common form of vehicle advertising is advertising on taxis. This involves total or part covering of a taxi in an advertisement.

Why advertise on taxis?

– Research shows that taxis spend more than 90% of their time in town and city centres.

– Each taxi is on the road for an average of 8 hours a day.

– There’s no need to worry about your advertising not looking clear or fresh – legal requirements ensure that taxis are always kept in excellent condition.

– Excellent reach – advertising in city centres can be difficult due to the limited number of billboards. Taxis offer a way around this.

– Direct contact – many taxi advertising campaigns include leaflets being available to passengers in the taxis themselves. With the average taxi ride taking 15 minutes many people will end up reading about your company.

– If you’re holding a promotional event having guests collected by taxis bearing your company advertising provides an excellent first impression.

In addition to the above reasons, taxi advertising is also an extremely targeted advertising medium, particularly compared to advertising on cars, because the licensing laws state that taxi drivers cannot pick up people outside of their registered borough.

Evaluating the Likely Effectiveness of a Campaign

Flexibility is possible as campaigns can vary from one month to one year, and you can choose to just advertise on one or two taxis if you have a small budget. However the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, which includes taxi advertising, is often dependent combining it with advertising using other mediums, such as radio advertising.

Running a taxi advertising campaign on its own is likely to be ineffective, even more so if your product or service is relatively unknown.

This need to combine taxi advertising with other forms of advertising increases the cost and usually means that it’s only used by larger brands, mainly to maintain or increase brand awareness.

One exception is retail outlets that can use taxi advertising to drive people to their nearby store, especially effective when a special offer is mentioned. However, stationary forms of outdoor advertising, such as billboards, can work better in this instance.