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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, often referred to as mobile marketing, is the process of marketing via a mobile phone.

Initially suffering from negative publicity as companies purchased cold lists and began ‘spamming’ recipients, SMS marketing has since evolved with mobile operators putting a set of guidelines in place.

Today several million advertising text messages are sent out every month in Europe, with 80% of mobile phone users happy to receive marketing messages and promotional content via their handset.

“Although it has been 10 years since the first SMS – or text – was sent, it’s only recently that media owners have started to use SMS interactivity to forge deeper relationships with users and advertisers,” from

The Various Streams of Mobile Marketing

  • SMS Marketing – the process of sending text messages.
  • MMS Marketing – similar to SMS marketing except that brands can deliver more advanced promotional content such as music or images.
  • Bluetooth Marketing – the process of transmitting promotional content through this bluetooth wireless technology. The fact that this technology is radio-based means that sending messages via bluetooth is free of charge.
  • Infrared Marketing – sending promotional content via infrared. However, this technology suffers due to its limited range of less than 1 metre.

What can SMS marketing be used for?

Increase Customer Loyalty
Through staying in contact with your customers through recipients’ moblie phones brand reinforcement is one benefit along with increased customer loyalty.

Encourage Repeat Sales
Sending SMS messages to your customer database regarding any special offers of promotions that you’re currently running can dramatically increase sales.

Encourage Feedback
Launched a new product, service or website? The chances are you’d be interested in getting some feedback from customers. Using a tool like Message The Manager is an excellent way of getting feedback via text message.

Revenue-Raising Tool
Running a poll or competition is an effective way of raising money from your customers.

Attract New Customers
Opt-in SMS lists do exist but you have to be careful of this. SMS marketing can be used effectively to attract new customers but remember that people do consider their mobile phones as being very personal items so your message may not always be welcome.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

  • People take their phones everywhere and tend to read new messages instantly, meaning that SMS marketing can generate instant results and is ideal for time-sensitive promotions.
  • Unlike emails people always read new messages, so you can guarantee that your message will be read.
  • The fact that people always read new messages means that response rates for SMS marketing are renowned for being very high.
  • SMS marketing is very cost-effective.
  • This form of marketing is also extremely flexible – it can even be used as a money-making tool.

Disadvantages of SMS Marketing

  • Mobile phones are very personal items and some people dislike receiving marketing messages through them.
  • Your message is limited to 160 characters, which isn’t many words to explain your offer.
  • SMS marketing has limited appeal to new businesses because of the problems associated with opt-in SMS lists.

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