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Public Relations Ideas

At the heart of every successful press campaign is a good idea. If you are a small company who’s just had a successful year, or a start-up company launching a similar product to what already exists, however well written and targeted your press release is it won’t generate any media coverage.

What’s required is an excellent idea, a twist, something a little quirky. How do people generate these? Well, there are a few tricks of the trade that are used:

Surveys and Statistics

The press love surveys. They like to know that 69% of people are against this plan, or that 1 in 3 people are now obese. Tap into this and conduct a couple of surveys about issues surrounding your business.

Ideally these surveys should be conducted by an independent body to ensure credibility but this isn’t always necessary. For example, if you have a website why not ask your visitors to vote on the latest issue. Then use the results to build your next press release.


Anything slightly out of the ordinary, unique or unusual makes an excellent story. Consider the case of homeowners renting out their driveways to earn extra money whilst also helping to alleviate parking problems in towns and cities. This innovative unusual idea helped to get into The Evening Standard.

However, you don’t need an innovative product or service to do something quirky. It was only a few years ago that a baby products company recruited pregnant women to walk through the streets in London with adverts on their stomachs. A ridiculous idea but one that received national coverage.


Similar to quirkiness journalists like extremes – the best, the worst, the largest, and so on. Just be sure that you can back up your claims.


When celebrities are involved the story or the product is far less important. The simple case of signing up a celebrity is often enough to generate substantial media interest.

Be careful and ensure that the celebrity doesn’t overshadow your company – in other words, make sure that your product or service is still central to the story.

Use Existing Stories

If you can’t think of a unique idea for a new story simply scan the news for relevant stories that can form the basis of a follow-up story about your company.

Do you have a business which enables customers to earn money? Why not use the next interest rate rise as the basis of your story, talking about how more people are now seeking additional income sources to beat the monetary squeeze.

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