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12 Top Print Advertising Tips

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1. Use a simple layout

Don’t overcomplicate the advert – if it looks cluttered people won’t even attempt to understand what it’s about, they’ll simply turn over the page. Use one picture or image as opposed to many.

2. Focus on one proposition

Concentrate on transmitting one simple clear proposition. As Jay Lipe, president of Emerge Marketing in Minneapolis, says “The more focused the message, the more impact.”

3. Include a picture caption if you have a picture

Research shows that people who look at pictures also read the picture caption if it’s there, so make sure you include one.

4. Long copy can be used

There’s no harm in using long copy to explain your product or service in more detail. Just make sure that the ad doesn’t look cluttered or complicated.

5. Stress the Positive Benefits

This is a golden rule of advertising – stress benefits not features. If you’re advertising a skin care product don’t say that it ‘reduces wrinkles’. Instead use the phrase ‘look 10 years younger’.

6. Long headlines can be effective

Interestingly research actually shows that long headlines result in higher sales than shorter headlines.

7. Use photographs instead of artwork drawings

Photographs can be likened to the real world and as a result they facilitate recall better than artwork – research suggests by as much as 26%.

8. Check the advertisement in print format

This is vital. Readers won’t see your ad in high definition quality on a desktop. Therefore check to see what it looks like in print format being going ahead… it’s amazing how previously easy to read text can become unclear.

9. Use colour if possible

Without colour your ad will not only be noticed less but people will also perceive it as being bland before even reading it.

10. Use the same format and layout again and again

Continuously changing the colours and format of your ads doesn’t help recognition rates. Think of Norwich Union – most people can recognise an advert is about them before even reading the text.

11. Track the response

This is another golden rule of advertising. Without tracking your advertising you’ll have no idea whether it was a success and whether you should repeat that form of advertising again.

12. Get the Advert Position Right

Always have your adverts placed on the right hand page. It will be more expensive but the number of extra people that will see your advert makes it worthwhile.

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