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Podcast Advertising (Podvertising) & Development Costs

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Marketing through podcasts can take one of two forms – developing and distributing your own podcast, or paid for advertising on other peoples’ podcasts.

Advantages of developing your own podcast include:

  • Increased loyalty from listeners
  • Repeat sales
  • Attract new customers
  • Minimal cost, unless you use sophisticated audio editing software

However, developing a podcast does take time and effort, and it helps if you’re in an expertise-based industry as it’s easier to make content of real value.

Advantages of advertising on podcasts (podvertising)

  • Quick and easy way of advertising via podcasts
  • Niche audiences can be targeted
  • Low cost compared to traditional advertising mediums

Disadvantages include the fact that it is more expensive than developing your own podcast, although this doesn’t take into account the time element, and existing high-traffic podcasts currently mainly target people in the age range 25-35. If your target customers are very young or the elderly podvertising is unlikely to be beneficial.

The cost of developing your own podcast is minimal – you’ll need a decent microphone along with some editing software. For more information see how to make a podcast.

The cost of advertising on podcasts is relatively low as it’s a new marketing channel about which there’s low awareness. Podvertising generally works in two ways – sponsoring a podcast or advertising within a podcast using 10-20 second audio ads. Advertising is usually sold based on download figures, which has been one stumbling block for potential advertisers as they are interested in the number of people who actually listen to their ad, not how many people downloaded it.

However, tracking mechanisms are developing all the time – podvertising is certainly an advertising channel to keep a close eye on.

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