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Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Owning a retail business is all about getting customers though your doors and getting them to make a purchase. To give you the edge over the competition you need to be using as many marketing ideas for retailers as possible, such as:

Give away items to your customers with your business name on it. This could be in the form of calendars, pens, mugs, desk tidies and so on. Items like this will be kept for some time and provide a constant reminder of your business to the people you give them to.

– Have a website that gives your customers information on your products. A lot of people right now will check out the website of the business before they visit in person. To give your customers the information that you need to make sure that you detail your products and services.

Make sure you always have business cards with you. These can be given out at networking events and can be the perfect way to market your business without having to spend a fortune to do it. Give these cards out to anyone that you feel could need the services of your business or be a potential business associate.

Make use of promotional emails. If you want to have time sensitive offers or want to provide your customers with discounts send out promotional emails. You can create these quickly and send them out to everyone on your database within a few moments.

RetailersProvide your employees with polo shirts or other clothing with your company logo on it. These create a good brand image and get your logo on people’s minds. They also help people to associate your staff with your particular retail shop.

Hold special evenings with discounts and offers. These events are a fantastic way of getting more customers to your business and spending their money. Hold these at various times throughout the year and see how popular they can be.

Think about loyalty programmes for existing customers. You might want to introduce a loyalty points scheme where people can get money off your products or services. Programs like this will encourage people to become repeat customers and as they know they will be getting a good deal by doing so.

Have a prize draw and ask for people’s contact details when they enter. You can then use these details to build a customer database that you can then use in the future for various marketing campaigns. You can either choose to charge for this or offer it for free depending on the price that is up for grabs.

Make sure you keep your customer database fresh and use it. When you have been collecting customer details you need to make sure that you keep them fresh and up-to-date. If you are using email marketing and you get certain emails that bounce back as they are not recognised, delete them. Doing this will help you to ensure that the majority of people who are in your business address book have the right contact details and will prevent you from sending emails to unrecognised accounts.

Get a celebrity involved with a promotion. If you have the right contact or know someone who is why not think about getting a celebrity involved with a promotion within your business? Many different retailers are doing this and it can provide you with the advertising you need to get more people to your business. If you are a sports shop for example see if you can get a sporting celebrity to kick off your massive sale or hold a signing event that fans will be interested in.