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Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Getting your marketing right is essential for all businesses and restaurants are no different. If you are looking for marketing ideas for restaurants that can work here are some that you might want to consider:

Create a website that is easy to use. Make sure that you have your full menu and prices on your website and make it look attractive without being too busy. By making it easy for visitors to use you will be able to provide all the information that customers will need before visiting your restaurant.

Take a look at your menu and bring it up to date. If you have not updated your menu in some time you need to take a close look at it and see if it needs updating. Get rid of any items that are not selling well and think about introducing new lines such as more vegetarian or vegan dishes, if your customers are asking for these.

Think about events that you can host. Have a night where you show off some new dishes or a speciality music night where you can get people in to sample some of the food that you have on offer.

Consider implementing a take-away service. This can be a great moneymaking sideline and achievable when you have a large working kitchen. Obviously the type of restaurant you out or have an impact on this, but if you feel you can offer a takeaway service it is certainly something that is worth looking into.

RestaurantUse email to market yourself. Get customers to fill in the feedback forms and ask for their email addresses so you can send them out information on special offers and events. These can be a great direct marketing method that can get you some excellent results.

Get good press by becoming involved with community events. If there is an event being held locally get involved. Have your own staff where you sell food or sponsor an event. This will raise your profile within the community and means that your restaurant will probably be featured in a local newspaper which can reach thousands of people.

Give repeat customers good discounts and offers. Make your loyal customers come back by giving them money off vouchers or allowing them an extra side for example or a free drink. Small gestures like this can work wonders and will encourage people to make repeated if your restaurant that they will be getting that little something extra from you. Why not go the extra step and show your customers that you really care about what they’re thinking and encourage them to text you their feedback.

Create a solid marketing database. When you are gathering information about your customers you need to make sure that you record their contact details correctly. Creating this will provide you with a solid database that you can use for your marketing efforts, and if you maintain it regularly it will always be up-to-date.

Go Green. If you already recycle why not let your customers know that you do this? If you are not implementing green policies and procedures it is time that you did. There are so many people that are interested in helping the environment and knowing that their restaurant of choice is Green can be very appealing. Some of the recycling initiatives that you get involved with can even save you money so they are well worth getting on board with.

– Use a blog to promote new dishes and special offers. Most businesses today will have a blog and you should create one too about your restaurant. On your blog you can talk up new dishes, go over old favourites and talk about any special events are evenings that you have planned in the future for your restaurant.