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Marketing Ideas for Gyms

Gyms are a type of business that can have income peaks and troughs throughout the year. In order to get the maximum amount of people to sign up for membership it really pays to use marketing ideas for gyms that get results. These ideas include:

Offer a free session or two before signing up. No one wants to join a gym and hand over a large number of money for a yearly membership without trying out the facilities first. Allowing potential members to do this will not really cost you anything, but this is your chance to impress, so don’t charge for it.

Have a great website. When you have a website that is packed full of help and information you will get people wanting to visit your gym. If your website is old looking or none existent people will not want to find out more about your business.

Write a blog about your gym. Update this on a regular basis and people will want to experience what you have been blogging about.

Have a Facebook page, Twitter account etc. Making full use of social networking can be one of the best thing you ever do in business. You can use your Facebook page or Twitter account to promote new training sessions, make people aware of any events and so much more.

GymThink about loyalty programmes. These are one of the oldest forms of marketing businesses can use and they are one of the most effective. If you have members who have been with you for years reward them with a two month membership package for free, or why not upgrade their membership free of charge?

Give customers something that other gyms don’t. This could be in the form of excellent sports masseurs, top of the range equipment and the best trainers. When your customers think they are getting more than other people do at their gyms and they will be back for more.

Host special events. Special events always generate interest and you could hold some of these for yourself at your gym. These could be gym related or be something such as a fashion evening or drinks and canapés that will get people from the community through your doors.

Think about creating targeted programmes for specific fitness goals. For example you might want to think about a ‘New Year, New You’ type program or a ‘Get Fit for Summer’ fitness plan that members can sign up for. Helping your members to achieve their goals will make them much more loyal towards your gym and they are more likely to tell others about the programme that they have started on.

Create a database of customers and use it to send out marketing emails. Whenever you get a new member signing up you need to take as many details from them as possible. If they have an email address make sure that you know this and you will be able to send out marketing emails to them – see our email newsletter tips. This is a cheap and quick way to get a message sent to hundreds of people within just a few seconds.

Have regular prizes for current members. You might want to have these in the form of a raffle or you might simply put regular member’s names into a hat and draw one from there. You could use a mixture of gym based prizes and other prizes in order to get people interested in what you are doing. When your members know that they can get something for nothing they will be very keen to get involved and win a fantastic prize from you.