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Marketing Ideas for Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are so popular right now and if you have recently opened a shop or want to get more customers through your door you could benefit from these marketing ideas for coffee shops.

Take a look at these and see if you can use them to boost your customer figures and bottom line:

Make a big deal about new flavours. These are the kinds of product that can get people through your door to sample what you have to offer. All good coffee shops will offer a wide range of different flavoured syrups that can be added to coffee, so advertise any new flavours on a chalkboard outside your shop and inside on the walls.

Throw an opening party. This will generate a real buzz about your coffee shop and get people into your establishment to see what it is all about. You might want to give away prizes or branded items at this party to maximise your marketing.

Have your logo on all of your cups, plates, napkins etc. You need to make people remember where they are and where they have been enjoying coffee at. Making sure that your brand logo is on as many items as possible will help you with marketing.

Coffee ShopHave loyalty cards for customers. This is an old favourite that a lot of different places will use. Each time a customer buys a large coffee for example they will get a stamp on a loyalty card. When they have 6 stamps on their card they will qualify for a free coffee.

Host events that will get the local community involved. This could be any type of event such as a poetry evening to events that get schools involved. These will make your name more well known in your town and in many cases your event could be in the local newspaper, which is even more free publicity.

Use weekly promotions. These are excellent for getting repeat customers through your doors. One week you might have a promotion where a customer can get a free cookie for buying a large coffee or a buy one get one free event.

Create a business website and Facebook page. All businesses today should have a website and right now more and more are creating Facebook pages to promote themselves. Both of these methods can be a fantastic way to get more people interested in your products.

Make yourself visible to morning and evening commuters. Commuters on their way to work in the morning can be a huge source of income. If you are close to a train station or bus stops put out signs in front of your coffee shop that are visible to people on their way to and from work.

Create great take-out menus. If you allow customers to take menus away with them you will be encouraging them to buy a coffee from you whenever they are close to your shop. This works really well if a person takes your menu to work and leaves it on their desk. Doing this means even more people will be able to see what products you have on offer.

Give your customers the best service you can. When a customer is happy and satisfied with your service and they will tell their friends and family, so you need to capitalise on this. If you allow customers to leave your coffee shop feeling dissatisfied they will tell, on average 8 people about their experience and this is 8 less potential customers. Make sure that none of your customers leave your business ready to complain to others about you.