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5 Essential Strategies to Make Your Website More Productive

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The conversion rate of a website is the percentage of people who take a desired action, whether that’s registering, buying a product, or some other action.

Improving conversion rates is a hugely neglected area of online marketing, with websites notorious for having very low conversion rates, usually in the region of 1-2%.

People will spend hours testing and optimising pay per click campaigns and yet neglect their website where a few simple changes could double their conversion rate, thereby doubling the effectiveness of their marketing.

Below are 5 ways to get your website on the right track:

1. To begin with you need to be clear about what the purpose of your website is. Is your aim simply to provide valuable information, generate registrations, or produce sales? Far too many websites don’t focus on what they want visitors to do. It’s amazing how much a large ‘Register Today’ or ‘Buy Online Today’ graphic can increase your conversion rate.

2. Get the wording right. Focus on what customers want instead of making it about your company. Use the word YOU to create the feeling that you’re content is talking directly to customers.

3. Collect peoples’ email addresses. Don’t have a dull ‘sign-up to our newsletter here’ box. Tell them why they should sign-up. Maybe they’ll receive exclusive discounts, be entered into a competition, receive a brochure, or all three? Either way, make sure people have a valuable reason to give you their email address and they will.

4. Stay in touch regularly. If you had told people in business twenty years ago that with the click of a button they could instantly reach their consumers at no cost they would have bitten your hand off. Twenty years on you can do exactly that through staying in contact with customers via email, and yet far too many businesses don’t bother.

For example, if you own an e-commerce clothing store send out a promotional code via email offering a 10% discount on your latest clothing selection. Or simply send out valuable information and special offers from other companies in a monthly newsletter to your members each month. This will help to keep your company in their mind, important for when they next decide to purchase the product or service that you provide.

5. Use automated emails. These also cost nothing but are still barely used. If someone purchases a pair of gloves why not have an automated email sent out showing them your selection of woolen hats and scarves.

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