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Inspiration and Ideas for Writing your Next Article

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We’ve put together our top 10 creative ideas to help if you ever become stuck for ideas about what to write about for your next article:

1. Give Tips

People love short little tips so give them what they want.

Example Titles:

  • 5 Tips on How To Get The Best Price For Your Car
  • Motoring Tips – 10 Ways To Reduce The Cost of Driving

2. ‘How To’ Articles

There’s always something that you can teach your audience.

Example Titles:

  • How To Cope With Stress
  • How To Ask Your Boss For A Pay Rise

3. Conduct an Interview

This does involve finding someone with expertise in your industry but it’s sure to be of interest to many people. Interviews don’t have to be conducted in person – they can easily be done via telephone or email.

Example Titles:

  • Serial Entrepreneur Robert Davis Tells All In Exclusive Interview
  • Jack Smith, 25 Years Experience in the Motoring Trade, Reveals His Top Tips On Getting The Best Deal For Your New Car.

4. Make a List

Lists work very well and are also easy to write.

Example Titles:

  • 15 Exercises To Help You Loose Weight
  • 20 Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Website

5. Product Reviews

The internet is primarily an information source so provide information through reviewing a product. This is particularly ideal if you are an affiliate marketer.

Example Titles:

  • The New Peugeot 307 – Is It Worth Buying?
  • Review of The New Lily Allen Album

6. Use humour

This requires good writing skills and is often hard to relate to your line of business but if possible then you can’t go wrong with an amusing article.

Example Titles:

  • Things You Shouldn’t Do In A Job Interview
  • Top 10 Jokes To Lighten Up A Presentation

7. Comment on a News Story

Use existing news stories to give you ideas and a lead into an article. Then express your views. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion, even if controversial. Nothing is worse than a bland article.

Example Titles:

  • Success of English Cricket Team Produces Surge In Cricket Playing Amongst Youngsters
  • Hoodie Ban Affecting Store Sales

8. Recycle Old Articles

Once you’ve written a few articles you can often revisit them after a while and update them with new content.

Example Titles:

  • Pink Is Still The Colour For This Summer
  • New Drinking Laws Fail To Prevent Rise In Binge Drinking

9. Hire an Ezine Writer

There are people who you can hire to write articles but ensure that you provide them with the title and general outline of the article.

Example Titles:

  • Nutritious Foods: By Your Ghost Writer
  • Recommended Supplements For Weight Training: By Your Ghost Writer

10. Freebies

Everyone likes to hear about where to get free stuff or enter great competitions.

Example Titles:

  • Win Yourself A Free Holiday This Summer
  • Get Yourself Free Cash From Online Gambling Firms

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