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Facebook Advertising Tips & Strategies

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As you are well aware of, Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, with close to 700 million users from across the world.

While the numbers sound impressive on their own, the benefits you can get out of using Facebook advertising for your business are even more impressive.

If you have never tried Facebook advertising before, then it is probably about time you start doing so, as it will quickly turn out to be out of the best advertising techniques for your business.

While SEO will help your business’ website rank high in search engines and email marketing will help you generate more customers, social media marketing techniques, such as Facebook advertising, is beyond any doubt the ideal technique for a small to medium business.

The average business nowadays can barely make any profit without an authoritative web presence and this is why it is very important that you start using different online advertising techniques. It will literally make your business grow exponentially.

Of all advertising tools, Facebook advertising is without a doubt one of the most powerful, and this is for a couple of reasons:

First and most important of all, Facebook allows you to target your specific market, including age group, geographical area and other characteristics.

This is without a doubt an amazing feature and if you use it wisely, you will be able to boost your business in no time. But if you really want to make the most out of Facebook advertising, you need to be aware of a few shortcomings that exist within the Facebook advertising system.

Low ad visibility is probably one of the most concerning problems and this is why you need to make sure that your ads stand out as much as possible without looking bad. Use a great ad that contrasts with the design of Facebook, but don’t overdo it! Something that looks great and that is easily noticeable. Nothing more and nothing less!

And follow the size guidelines because otherwise Facebook staff will not approve your ads, which basically means your efforts are a huge waste of time. And don’t forget that the ad approval process is very slow.

One other thing you have to do bear in mind is that advertising costs money. If you don’t want to waste money, always opt for a Pay-per-click campaign.

The problem with Facebook is the below average click-through-rate, which means that very few users actually click on the ads. With Pay-per-click, you will only have to pay for the actual clicks, and not for the impressions.

The easiest way to do this is to budget and only then opt for a certain type of Facebook ad campaign.

The key to a successful Facebook campaign is a superb Fan Page combined with great ads and a carefully thought through CPC/PPC ad campaign. Facebook advertising is the cheapest and fastest way to build a brand, so do not underestimate it.

Try Facebook advertising today and you will immediately see just how powerful it is, or learn more about it with this in-depth video guide below:

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