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Designing a Billboard Ad

Billboards come in a number of different sizes but there are a set of universal rules that should be followed to make your billboard stand out.

– Keep text to a minimum for roadside billboards, making use of bullet points when text is necessary.

– For billboards at train and tube stations more words can be used as people are waiting around at these locations and therefore have more time to view and read billboards.

– Photos and pictures work well. If used for branding ensure that the photo reflects the image that you wish to portray about your business.

– Using humour is always a good way to connect to your audience, particularly when used on billboards located where people have time to read them.

– Billboards are about branding – use the correct colours and make logos prominent.

– Include your website address. Including a phone number is not particularly important – people like to think about things and obtain more information before phoning a number.

– Use colours that contrast – the billboard must be completely clear when viewed at a distance. Always print off the design and check that it can be clearly read from a distance.

– ‘Interactive’ billboard ads are a promising growth area, working through sending out a bluetooth text to people within the vicinity of a particular billboard ad. This is also sometimes known as bluepod marketing – combining this with billboard advertising creates interaction with your brand, a call to action, and buzz.