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Producing Radio Ads that Get Results

in Radio Advertising

With the content of radio ads able to increase the response rate by up to 500% the creative is a key aspect of a radio advertising campaign. Creativity, doing something slightly different to the norm, is the main skill required but there are also a number of best practices that should be considered.

– Shouting may be one way to get attention in the real world but it isn’t necessary when it comes to radio ads. You don’t hear presenters shouting so don’t produce an ad that has unnecessary shouting.

– Like most advertising have one clear message. If your company has a number of different products don’t try to cram them into one ad. The message will simply become cluttered and people will mentally switch.

– Listen out for how often phone numbers are mentioned in radio ads and it’s all too often. After all, consider how many times you have written down a number as soon as an ad has come on air. Put simply, people aren’t going to be writing down your phone number so don’t waste time mentioning it.

– Whilst you shouldn’t waste time mentioning your phone number you should always mention your company name or web site address so that people can find you.

– If possible, try to include some music but the choice of music does matter. In fact research shows that a bad choice of music is worse than having no music at all. It can be expensive to license well-known songs but a good creative agency will be able to develop a nice song or jingle to go with your ad.

– When people listen to your ad they’ll be forming images in their head about what is being mentioned. Listen to your ad to see how it sounds and the image that is transmitted.

– Celebrity voices usually work well but they can be expensive. Bear in mind that when done badly they can sometimes overshadow the business that they are attempting to promote.

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