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The Cost of Advertising on Social Networks

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Most advertising on social networks such as Facebook is unofficial advertising in that companies create a profile, add friends, and interact with them without ever contacting and discussing various advertising options with the actual social network.

The cost of unofficial advertising on social networks is mainly time. It takes time and effort to build an interesting profile, add friends, and maintain the profile through responding to messages, updating the blog if you choose to have one, and so on.

If you’re promoting your company through a MySpace profile it may make sense using a ‘friends adder’ – this is a programme that automatically sends out friend requests. As many as 400 friend requests can be sent out each day, an amount that would take a long time to add manually.

The cost of a friends adder is in the region of £30. There are quite a few options out there, but many are illegitimate so it’s easy to be conned out of your money.

Social networks do of course have official advertising options available for advertisers. The most usual form is banner advertising, where the cost can range from £1 to £20 per thousand impressions depending on the level of targeting.

Facebook has advertising throughout their website and have introduced a pay per click advertising programme. It does tend to cost a minimum of £0.20 per click, but there are also general awareness effects to also factor in.

Alternatively, viral marketing agencies often use MySpace and Facebook to seed viral videos – this can be an excellent way of generating widespread awareness quickly. Campaigns such as these tend to charge in the region of a few thousand pounds for the development and seeding of the viral ad.

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