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Cost of Advertising in Online Directories

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The cost of advertising in one of the popular online directories, such as or Thomson Local, varies depending on the location of the advert and the various extras, which include a link to your website, uploading a logo, and an-depth description.

As a cost estimate an advert in one of the main directories can cost anything from £150 to in excess of £1,000.

Many of the directories that are purely useful for link building purchases also charge fees, although these are significantly less. For a directory with a high PageRank you could expect to pay anything up to £30, and significantly less for directories with lower PageRanks.

Take a look at our comprehensive list of online directories that you can submit your website to.

Also, don’t forget about classified advertising websites. The vast majority can be used to advertise your business for free, and are particularly suitable when used as a lead generation tool.

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