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Bluetooth Marketing

What is bluetooth marketing?

Bluetooth is a short distance communication technology, initially developed to replace cables connecting portable or fixed devices.

Two key features of the technology are its low cost and low power.

Bluetooth marketing is the process of transmitting promotional content through this bluetooth wireless technology to potential customers.

To transmit bluetooth messages a bluetooth transmitting product is required.

What can be sent over bluetooth?

A huge range of digital content can be sent, including:

  • Plain text
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Vouchers
  • Games

Why use bluetooth marketing?

  • Low cost – every bluetooth message is sent and received free of charge, whether you send 1 or 1,000.
  • It’s flexible – all kinds of content can be transmitted.
  • Multiple uses – it can be used to support and improve the effectiveness of existing advertising, such as high street leafleting or billboard advertising, as well as on its own through being placed in stores or prime locations.

Where is it most suitable?

The use of bluetooth technology is currently used in predominantly three marketing situations:

Point of Sale Promotions
When fitted in shop windows people walking past with bluetooth enabled phones will receive the promotional message from the store. This may be a special promotion and is often enough to encourage the recipient to enter the store.

Billboard Advertising
Through fitting billboard posters with bluetooth transmission devices you can interact with people within the vicinity of your poster. For example, to support your billboard campaign you could send a branded game via bluetooth to peoples’ phones. This helps to overcome one of the major disadvantages of billboard advertising – the absence of a strong call to action.

Field Promotions
Portable units can be carried by promotional staff, automatically sending bluetooth messages to anyone within the vicinity of the staff. This is particularly effective when combined with leafleting.

What are the disadvantages?

Bluetooth marketing is only effective if the target audience can actually receive these messages. Some people are yet to upgrade to bluetooth-enabled phones, whilst others have switched the bluetooth capability in their phones.

When used on its own recipients can be confused about the message, in particular why it has been sent. Consequently it can be quickly dismissed as spam, or worse, worry recipients into thinking that it’s a virus.

There is also a concern that as the bluepod marketing industry grows consumers will become inundated with promotional messages, reducing the effectiveness of messages and resulting in many people turning off their phone’s bluetooth capability.

How much does it cost?

The real potential in bluetooth marketing lies in its low cost. Unlike SMS marketing it costs nothing to send a bluetooth message.

Bluetooth marketing companies earn their money through placing bluetooth marketing devices in prime locations, such as retail stores, and selling advertising space on them. However, companies also rent out the devices, especially the portable ones.

Therefore the cost of bluepod marketing tends to be a fixed price. After the promotion you can usually receive a comprehensive statistics report, which includes how many messages were sent and how many were opened.

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