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BlueHost Review – A Hosting Company You Can Count On

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If you are looking for a great new hosting service provider, you probably came across BlueHost more than one time, but it is indeed very difficult to choose a great host without proper inside information, which means that you are in the perfect place right now.

If you want to know everything there is to know about BlueHost and what is has to offer for you, just keep reading and you will discover all the essential information you need to know in order to make the best possible choice for you.


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The first and probably the most important aspect concerns features and pricing.

When it comes to features, BlueHost comes “equipped” with all the standards, which means you can’t expect super advanced technologies, but you can expect to find all the basics that you are going to require to set up and manage your website.


The basics range from a good cPanel and multi-database support to FTP and email. This means that BlueHost offers pretty everything the average website owner needs, which makes it a very good choice so far. But it doesn’t stop here.

BlueHost offers a bunch of other really impressive features, such as unlimited bandwidth and diskspace, unlimited addon domains, subdomains and even parked domains and support for up to 100 different MySQL or Postgre databases. The number of FTP accounts and email accounts is limited, but it is more than you can ever need. BlueHost offers 1000 FTP accounts and 2500 email accounts.

The cPanel is pretty good and has everything you can possibly need. Everything is powered by BlueHost’s Fantastico, which is really good impressive system that doesn’t come up short in any way. Fantastico seems to have the latest version for each and every script. SSH or Shell access is not available straight away, but if you confirm your identity by fax, they will enable SSH and Shell access for your account.

The cPanel also has everything you need for CMS and script installation, so it is really easy and straightforward to install anything you can possibly want, as long as BlueHost supports it.


The next matter and the most important matter for the majority of website owners is pricing. As far as pricing goes, BlueHost is cheap but a bit weird. This refers to the fact that regardless of how long of a contract you sign up for, you still have to pay $6.95 per month.

While the price is really good compared to other hosting service providers and compared to what they offer, almost all hosting service providers run a “the longer the contract the cheaper the price” policy. This can be good for you, because you can sign up for a three month contract (the shortest possible) and change your hosting provider if it turns out that you are not satisfied with BlueHost.

The Terms of Use page is really good and it is much different than any other hosting service provider. There is no complicated legal phrasing, just a few guidelines listed with bullet points.

Last, but not least, you probably want to know just how much support you get in case you have any queries related to using your hosting account or if you encounter any unsolvable issues.

The good thing here is that BlueHost’s Support team is highly recommended and it is known to be very good and fast.

The conclusion is that BlueHost is a very good host for the average website owner and it offers a lot of great features for a highly competitive price.

You can learn more about the company and hear from its CEO in the video below:

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