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Probably the hardest aspect of owning a website, even for a business, is finding the time to constantly update it with fresh interesting content for both users and search engine spiders.

This is why each and every webmaster turns to some form of SEO. is an article submission directory which allows you to submit an article for $2 per article, providing you with anywhere between 20 and 200 backlinks for that article alone.

So far, this sounds really promising, but if you are experienced with SEO, you are probably detecting a few problems right from the very start.

The main question that needs an answer here is related to getting the best value for your money and achieving the desired effect.

So is it worth it paying $2 for one article submission?

Well the answer to this question is a bit more elaborate than a single sentence, so read on to learn everything you should know about

First of all, lets discuss money. In what concerns costs and budget, can be a really cheap alternative, if you decide to go for the 3$9 per month membership. This allows you to submit any number of articles. The monthly membership is without a doubt the best choice if you plan on submitting a large number of articles, because instead of having to pay $2 for each submission, you will only have to pay $39 a month.

There is also one other way to do it. If you publish their articles on your website, you will earn “submission credits”, which offer you the possibility to submit a certain number of articles for free.

If you are planning on syndicating your articles and letting Article Ranks post articles on your website, then you can also opt for the free membership, but remember that if you don’t have submission credits, you will have to pay $2 for each article submission.

From a SEO stand point, getting 20 to 200 backlinks for each article is a bit vague, as the variation is pretty big.

The reality is that the number of backlinks you will get for one article depends on how many websites in the Article Ranks network will accept your article and it also depends on the category of your article. But if you have a good well written original article, you can easily expect getting almost 200 backlinks, which is more than good.

A downside is that you don’t know exactly how many websites they have in their network, which means that you can never know how many backlinks to expect and you won’t ever know just how powerful those backlinks will be. As you probably know by now, a backlink has to rise to a certain standard in order to be effective.

A number of factors contribute to this, such as the age of the source domain, its page rank, how relevant it is to your article and its category of content, as well as other factors.

In Summary

To sum it all up in one sentence, is a cheap solution to your SEO needs, but it might not be the best one. If you want concise results and if you want to know what to expect for your money, then is probably not the best thing for you.

Still, if you just started out with a brand new domain, is without a doubt a great and highly affordable solution for all your SEO needs.

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