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Promoting your Business through Article Marketing

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Articles written and distributed online are often called ezines. Ezines refer to a publication or article which is submitted or posted on a website. They tend to be informative, entertaining or interesting. Webmasters often visit these ‘ezine sites’, known as article directories, to look for relevant content for their own sites or blogs.

When an article is submitted to an online article directory there’s room in the Resource Box to include some details about yourself and a link back to your site. Therefore well-written articles about issues surrounding your industry can generate a significant number of links to your site because all articles must be published with the Resource Box in place.

Benefits of Article Submission

1. Improve Search Engine Rankings
When you submit articles online there’s a Resource Box where you can write a little about yourself and your website. Often up to three keyword links are allowed. These direct links to your website are extremely beneficial for search engine optimisation, with a number of the article directories having a high PageRank.

2. Increase Traffic
People who read articles will often have a look at the Resource Box and click through to the author’s website. This results in an increase in traffic. In addition, some articles can generate a huge number of click-throughs if placed on very popular sites such as

3. Receptive Audience
People who read articles online are doing so out of choice. They may be particularly interested in the subject or may be looking for high-quality content for their website or blog. Therefore they are a receptive audience, unlike much advertising where people would prefer if it wasn’t there.

4. Build Credibility
High quality articles can also help the author to build credibility within the industry. This is particularly true for those people and companies who provide skilled services that are hard to evaluate initially by customers. Excellent articles can illustrate your expertise and bring in customers.

5. It Costs Nothing But Time
It’s free to write and submit articles online, and only takes time. You can decide to pay to distribute your articles to many directories but be careful because many companies simply carry out automated submissions.


There are some limitations associated with writing and distributing ezine articles online. The first is that it is extremely time consuming. Writing a knowledgeable and interesting article involves research, then writing up, before finally being submitted to various article directories. This all takes time, especially if quite a few articles are written and distributed, and as a result many website owners simply don’t have the time to promote their site in this way.

Secondly it goes without saying that badly written articles, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information can do more harm than good. It’s vital to ensure that what is written is correct, often supporting it with statistics.

Articles should be about or related to the website that you are promoting. This means that some businesses are much more suited to this form of promotion, particularly companies offering business services such as marketing. Writing articles to promote an e-commerce store selling t-shirts is likely to be far more challenging.

Also, bear in mind that the days of writing and submitting one article to hundreds of article submissions sites, then watching as your rankings soar as the search engines pick up on all the one-way links have long gone. Search engines are a lot cleverer these days, identifying duplicate content and in some cases penalising websites that have huge numbers of low quality one-way links. Therefore it’s far better to pick and choose the websites that you submit your articles to – quality over quantity.

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