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Advertise with Us

Would you like to reach an ambitious and active audience of entrepreneurs and small business owners?

10 reasons why you should advertise on Marketing Minefield:

1. The Only Dedicated Marketing & Advertising Resource – we’re the only startup and small business resource that focuses solely on marketing and advertising. As a consequence our users are researching marketing ideas and techniques and are highly receptive to potential offers.

2. Decision Makers – our users are young entrepreneurs, people starting in business, and small business owners. They are the decision makers and are ready to act should the right offer present itself.

3. Active Buyers – our users are researching particular topics with a view to accessing the appropriateness of a particular form of marketing for their business, as opposed to simply browsing for general business advice.

4. Rapidly Growing – Marketing Minefield has only recently been launched and is growing rapidly. Become involved now before your competitors find us!

5. Highly Targeted – we can offer highly targeted advertising, targeting users within particular geographical regions or sections within our site.

6. Flexibility – we can offer exposure to your brand through banner advertising, section-specific advertising, such as just within our public relations section, or advertising within our valued monthly email newsletter. In the future we also plan to launch an ‘Offers’ page where you can place your exclusive discount or offer directly in front of thousands of potential customers.

7. Accountability – we understand that it’s important to be able to measure and assess the success of your advertising. You’ll be provided with the exact number of views that your ads had.

8. Trusted Information Resource – we aren’t linked to any other companies or large brands. As a result we’re a highly trusted source of information.

9. Excellent Value for Money – having recently launched we’re offering excellent discounts to build up our list of advertisers. Why advertise on Startups for £30 per thousand impressions when you can advertise with us at less than a third of the price?

10. Our Guarantee – our aim is to build a long term relationship with advertisers. We want repeat advertisers, not quick returns. Therefore if you’re not happy with the return on your advertising tell us why and we’ll throw in some extra exposure. You can’t be fairer than that.

Ready to advertise? Please contact us and tell us what your advertising goals are. We’ll be more than happy to present a few possible options and take things from there.