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10 Websites for Local Marketing

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Do you own a business targeting the local community? Are you looking to increase your online presence but you’re not sure where to start? For marketing ideas check out 10 types of websites which are ideal for local marketing:

1. Classified Advertising Websites
Examples: Gumtree, Vivastreet
Description: Many classified advertising websites allow you to post ads in a particular local target area, and cover all types of products and services, from property rentals to plumbing.

2. Pay per Click Advertising
Examples: Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing
Description: One of the reasons why pay per click advertising is so popular is that ads can be highly targeted. You can choose to only have your ads displayed to those people searching within a specified area.

3. Online Directories
Examples:, Thomson Local, Touch Local
Description: Using an online directory is one of the most popular ways to search for businesses and is ideal for advertising a local business.

4. Shopping Comparison Websites
Examples: PriceGrabber, Kelkoo, Google Product Search
Description: Not technically just for local marketing but you can list your products for free, with customers often able to search and compare products by location.

5. Online Marketplaces
Examples: eBay
Description: Users can search for goods close to where they live – ideal for putting your products in the shop window for local people.

6. Local Area Guides
Examples: Up My Street, The Best Of
Description: There are a wide range of local area guides offering free listings for your business and highly targeted advertising.

7. Local Services Websites
Examples: My Local Services
Description: Similar to online directories except with an extra emphasis on everything being local.

8. Local Newspaper Websites
Examples: Type ‘AREA local newspaper’ into Google
Description: Traditionally the local marketing has centred advertising in your local newspaper. Today it’s no longer essential but many local newspapers also have popular websites which may be worth advertising on.

9. Pay per Lead
Examples: Approved Index
Description: If you have a business service pay per lead advertising can be a highly effective way of generating quality leads. The most popular sites also allow you to advertise and therefore only generate leads from customers in a specific geographical area.

10. Maps
Examples: Google Maps
Description: Millions of people search on Google Maps every day, so if you offer a localised service a free listing on Google Maps can help raise your profile amongst your local community.


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